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    -Steve Penny in Lafayette, LA | Sept 17, 2018         
    Excellent Human Being & doctor.

     -Lafayette, LA | Aug 30, 2018         *****
     I would definitely recommend Dr. Ahluwalia to family and friends! This is my first visit, and he was extremely         

     thorough  and professional. Staff was very warm and welcoming. I can see that he will be my new GI doc from now on.

     Highly recommend!

     -Christopher Stutes in Crowley, LA  | Aug 02, 2018          *****

      treated extremely good by everyone

     -Cyndi Dore | July 18, 2018          *****

      Very thorough.

     -Joyce ALIECE Smith in Abbeville, LA |  Jul 13, 2018          *****

     This Dr. Is very concerned about his Patients. Very good explained himself & is interested in listening to his patients

     -Tim in Lafayette, LA | Nov 21, 2017          *****
     Great Dr. Very informative. Great attitude and also very nice staff. Highly recommend.

     -Lafayette, LA | Nov 21, 2017         
     Highly recommend Dr. Ahluwalia . He is very nice and informative.

     -Kim in Lafayette, LA | Nov 21, 2017         
     I have had great experiences with Dr. Ahluwalia! He and his staff are so friendly, and they fully explain everything.

     -Lafayette, LA | Nov 20, 2017         
     The office staff was very friendly and helpful. The dr went through alot of questions with us and answered all our 

     questions and very helpful in finding out what was wrong. Highly recommend,

     -Rachel in Abbeville, LA | Oct 27, 2017         
     I have been to this office several times for my husband. We have always experienced good attitudes from the office

     personnel and the doctor himself. The doctor is very informative.

     -KIMBERLY Cummins,  LA | June, 2017         
     I had a great experience today! The office staff was very friendly and prompt. The doctor met with me quickly and was

     very informative!

     -Michelle In Lafayette, LA  |  Nov 28, 2016          *****

      He took his time and explained everything to me and answered all my questions. Made me feel very comfortable. His staff was

      extremely nice.

     -Don LA  | July 18, 2016          *****
   I would recommend Dr. Jatinder Ahluwalia to anyone. He and his nurse were fantastic communicating and helping me    

     thru entire appointment. I was looking for a Gastro Dr. in Lafayette area and my insurance company had top of the list

     and now I know why

     -Anonymous   LA | July 5, 2016          *****
     Great Doctor very professional.


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