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Colorectal Cancer

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​​Unlike Breast Cancer or Prostate Cancer, Colorectal cancer is preventable with screening.

Studies show that colorectal cancer screening between 1976 to 2009 has helped detect  and avoid more than Half a Million colorectal cancer cases.

Starting age for Colorectal Cancer Screening is different for Caucasions. For Caucasions, it should begin at age 50. However, Colorectal Cancer Screening should begin at age 45 in African Americans.

​Gastroenterology  Clinics  of   Louisiana

Studies show higher rates of colorectal cancer in white males in 9 parishes in the ACADIAN region of Louisiana with most French speakers. This region that included the Vermillion parish had 19% higher rate of colorectal cancer than Louisiana and 37% higher than the U.S. rates.